At the end of the semester in Pokhara you will first be working on one group exam with some of your fellow students, followed by a three-week period of an individual home exam. While working on the group paper, all students stay in Pokhara. The individual exam can be written from anywhere. I have decided to stay in Pokhara to benefit from a familiar environment and to make use of all the good spots Lakeside has to offer for students.  Among many good spots, here are my favorites:

  1. Little Windows

Little Windows is the students lunch spot from Monday to Friday for the study period in Pokhara, but also a good spot to sit down and work after of school. At Little Windows you will find Kulturstudiers library with books from the curriculum and additional literature that you can use in both group papers and in your own individual exam. The staff is friendly and knows the students and the program. They have healthy and good food like smoothie bowls, avocado toast, wraps and more traditional food. You can also try the rooftop during sunset!

  1. Java Himalayan Coffee

Java is one of the more expensive cafés in Pokhara and can be compared to Starbucks in price and aesthetics. However, the café offers delicious coffee (both iced and warm), good food (especially for breakfast and lunch), air condition and charging possibilities for your computer or iPad. This is why Java is a good place to go on a warm day. Try the peach iced tea for a refreshing drink! There are seats both inside and outside.

  1. Wendy

Just a couple of meters from Heritage Hotel where the lectures are held, you can find Wendys Café. Wendy has a quiet atmosphere with big windows and a green garden outside. It is a smaller café than Little Windows and Java, and therefore also cozier. People often come here to work on school work, read a book or be productive in some other way. Some of the things they serve are smoothie bowls, juice, coffee and toast.

  1. The pool at Heritage Hotel

For a cheaper alternative the students also have access to the pool at Heritage Hotel where lectures are held. This is a good place to bring your books or computer to do some work on a warm day. You could also get a sandwich from the sandwich shop across the street for lunch. It is usually quiet and sun beds are available.

  1. White Rabbit

White Rabbit is another café located a bit further away than the rest, but still within a fifteen-minute walking distance from the student house. It is a big cafe with lots of places to sit and therefore a good place to bring your group. They have much of the same food as the other cafés and some sitting places to charge your computer.

  1. CinderMint

CinderMint is located in the main street and has a quiet and clean atmosphere. In CinderMint you can get boba tea, bagels, nachos or sliders for a cheap price. There is air condition and charging possibilities and a nice and clean washroom. It can be good place to go for a fuller meal. There are no seats outside.

  1. Rosemary

Rosemary is a restaurant/café right next to the student house for the days when you just want to stay close to home or maybe don’t have time to go far. They serve breakfast and dinner, or you can just get a coffee.


  1. The Student House

Another option is staying at the student house, either on the rooftop, the many balconies in the rooms or at the end of each floor or outside of the hotel. It is quiet and private, and you can find spots in the sun – or under a roof if it is raining or too hot. It is also possible to buy a coffee for 100 rupees which equals less than 10 nok. Maybe you will be accompanied by one of the landlords’ dogs?



– Bertine